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Salary and Benefits

We know that the daily experience of children in our nurseries and the quality of provision we provide depends upon having the very best educators.

We also acknowledge that whilst working with young children can be a joyful vocation, it is hard work. This hard work and dedication is often not reflected in the salary and benefits package achieved by many working in the childcare sector, but, at Nära Nurseries we want to change that.

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We believe that nurturers need to be nurtured too…

That is why we offer our teams, not only a higher than average salary, but a bespoke benefits package they can build to suit their own needs, wants and career aspirations.

Our Nära teams all receive the same sector-leading salary, flexible working options, and holiday entitlement, and can then ‘pick and mix’ their own additional benefits to build a package that is every bit as unique and special as they are.

Training and Development

At Nära, we want to build a community of the very best educators and early years support staff to deliver our purpose, mission and vision.

Every member of our team has their own unique set of skills, experience and insight to bring to our community. We want to nurture this to ensure each member of our team has the opportunity to fulfil their potential, and progress their career in the direction of their choice.

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We recognise the importance of our teams having the appropriate training, skills and knowledge, and a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. Without this, staff can experience a lack of confidence and increased stress levels.

To secure the well-being of our teams, we deliver a comprehensive training programme which develops self-confidence, knowledge and expertise. We are also able to offer coaching sessions as part of our ‘pick and mix’ benefits package, as well as a host of other initiatives to support our teams in every area of their professional and personal lives.

Our Nära community will have access to:

  • Fully funded Level 2, 3, 4 and 5 childcare qualification
  • Certified Level 3 Forest School Lead qualification
  • Management and Leadership programmes
  • Our comprehensive in-house induction programme
  • Access to over 100 motivational online training courses
  • Attendance at inspiring in-house and external training courses
  • Attendance at national conferences
  • Mental Health First Aid Champion training
  • Career goal setting, coaching and regular review meetings

Nära Leadership Programme

Developing new leaders is vital to us, and we recognise the positive impact this can have on the Nära community. Our training programme is committed to equipping our teams with the leadership skills, knowledge and understanding to develop and carry out their role effectively and apply for promoted positions as they become available.

Our Community and Values

Our Nära community values kindness, respect, integrity and inclusivity above all else. If you want to be a part of building a community that promotes happiness, fulfilment and quality each and every day, then contact us now.

Help us to nurture, nourish and cherish our children, families and communities, and we will do the same for you.

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